The Importance of Regular Dental Visits for Children

Many parents fail to realize their child should see a dentist.


  1. Parents understand the importance of caring for their child's teeth, yet many fail to realize how everyday items can affect the growth and development of these teeth. Sippy cups are a good example of this. Many parents provide their child with a sippy cup to help them transition from a bottle to a regular cup and continue using these cups for an extended period of time. The cups are very convenient because they do help to prevent spills, but they can also lead to tooth decay if used improperly.

    Cavities in younger children, those between the ages of two and five, have increased by 15 percent in the period from 1994 to 2002, and experts believe this is due in part to sippy cup use. Parents provide sugary beverages in these cups and let children sip on them all day. The continuous exposure to sugar puts the child at more risk of the tooth decay, but this is just one of many ways in which parents are inadvertently going wrong.

    Many parents fail to realize their child should see a dentist when the first tooth emerges or no later than the first birthday. Only one in 10 children in 2005 have seen a doctor by the first birthday and less than 25 percent had visited a dentist, such as a Pediatric Dentistry Homewood clinic, by the time they reach the age of two. The Best Children's Dentist will discuss a wide variety of things with the parents, including sippy cup and pacifier use. Actions taken when the child is young lead to a lifetime of good dental health, therefore parents need to make visits to the dentist a top priority.

    Studies have shown children suffering from poor oral health tend to have difficulties in school. This continues into later life when they have less success. A beautiful smile is of great importance, as it is recognized as a friendly gesture around the world. Now is the time to take your child in for a dental checkup. Doing so can help your son or daughter on the path to a life of good oral health, and this is of great importance to their overall health. Never delay. Schedule a dental visit for your child now.