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    55a97c10fc 4K in Classic Media Player -  26, 2014. The Living Room PC, Part 1: No Keyboard, No Mouse, No Problem  8, 2013 Maybe you have a large media collection on your computer and don't . Netflix, Media Player Classic, Opera, PowerPoint, Winamp, Win8, and, yep, XBMC. is useful because the text is always too small on a 1080p screen. The five biggest changes to media playback in Windows 10 - CNET 9, 2015 On the downside, Windows 10 axes Windows Media Center, the new Windows "G" icon and by default will play in the new Groove player. the resolution of 1080p resolution, where traditional HDTVs top out. Note that "Cast To" is separate from the MiraCast functionality that lets you mirror your screen. Problem playing 1080p mkv's - Windows 7 Help  only problem are movies in the 1080p resolution. I tried several Use Mediaplayer Classic Home Cinema with output set to EVR Custom Pres. ** This way Are you using an HDMI cable from your mobo to your monitor?. Solution to playing HD MKV files in W7 - Graphics cards - Monitors ) Make sure your screen refresh rate matches the video. Play your .mkv files with Windows Media Player Classic included in CCCP for . of graphic 'oomph' so Minecraft at 1080p was a little faster ;) ) and runs the windows .