#icollab Student-Staff Twitter chat

On Tuesday, October 15th, 2013, students and academic staff at NUI Galway joined others on Twitter to share their ideas about openness in education.


  1. This autumn, 2nd year Computer Science & IT students are taking a Professional Skills module (@CT231) which focuses on research & communication skills and digital & social media. Students communicate about their chosen IT topics in a variety of ways: a crowdsourced bibliography, reports, presentations, and digital (multi)media projects, using the hashtag #ct231 to share and aggregate work. CT231 students also collaborate at various points during the module with other students and lecturers in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Spain, New Zealand and Australia as part of the #icollab project -- using social media to cross institutional, geographic and cultural boundaries.

    Also at NUI Galway this term, a group of academic staff across various disciplines are engaged in a Learning Technologies module #cel263 offered by CELT. The aim of the module is for academic staff to explore how current technologies can be used in meaningful ways to support learning and teaching.

    The two groups are currently exploring many of the same issues -- social media for learning, digital identities, privacy, etc. -- so the two lecturers @catherinecronin and @sharonlflynn invited students and staff to experiment with a Twitter chat to share ideas about open practices in higher education. We also invited the #icollab project partners to join and announced the chat openly on Twitter. Below are the tweets from the chat, grouped (as much as possible) into discussion threads, along with a short postscript.