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Going Open at #altc 2015

Wiki, video & summary of tweets from #altc session by Vivien Rolfe and Catherine Cronin


  1. At the Association for Learning Technology Conference (#altc) 2015, Vivien Rolfe and Catherine Cronin discussed openness in further/higher education. Each of us considers ourselves to be an open practitioner and we often are asked to share ideas and resources about open education, OER and OEP. And as with many open education practitioners within higher education, we often find our own practices and values are not reflected in broader institutional practices and policies -- and we are working to change this.
  2. Open Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry
    Open Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry
  3. Instead of preparing a presentation for #altc, we created an open wiki about open education. There are many resources available; we simply point to some key resources which we believe may of use to others. For those who consider themselves open educators, the Mapping section of the wiki may be most helpful, noting four different mapping techniques which can be used to reflect on and analyse practice within existing courses and programmes, and to identify opportunities for change.
  4. Here's a short video introducing the wiki:
  5. Here's the Go Open wiki:
  6. And here's a summary of tweets from our session at #altc: