Fox 25's Zip Trip to Carver

Fox 25's Zip Trip came to Carver Friday, Aug. 24.

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  1. John was just one of the people who helped spread the word about the Zip Trip.
  2. Let's have a BIG turn out for our little town. Contrary to some, we have a lot to be proud of!
  3. A lot of the town's local businesses and attractions were featured during the segment.
  4. A behind the scene look into our feature on FOX25 Zip Trip to Carver! We bet you'll be hungry after looking at these photos. Check em' out!
  5. Fox 25's "Tour of Carver" from this morning's Zip Trip. Check it out! Our spot starts at the 3:25 mark.
  6. The event also gave people a chance to interact and meet up with their friends and neighbors....and share their hometown pride!
  7. Zip Trip Fox News this morning feauturing lots to do in Carver, Ma. Featured was the close community, great schools, great restaurants especially our family favorite Mamma Mia's. Also the available housing including the best new construction available for both quality detailed construction, surrounded by nature, a two acre park with gazebo, and winding roads named Kingsbury Hollow. Join us at Chute & Payzant this weekend, both Sat and Sun 12-2 at 22 Redtail Lane for an Open House of this new neighborhood. See you then! Donna Payzant, Chute & Payzant Real Estate.
  8. So glad some of my neighbors went n' represented at Fox 25s zip trip to Carver this morning--i forgot all about it until I saw an ice cream cone/cupcake...not really sure...walking down the street at 645am on my way to work;)
  9. And in case you doubted the size of the turn out!
  10. Over 1,000 attended Fox 25 Zip Trip to Carver. Was held at outisde Carver Town Hall and Carver Public Library on Route 58.
  11. Getting up close and personal with the Fox 25 crew
  12. Fox Boston carver zip trip
  13. Liz Taylor and gene lavanchy fox zip trip carver
  14. Even Fox 25 was impressed :) I think they'll be back again!