Smart Tips for Superior Carpet Care

The carpet in your home is a significant investment. This floor covering helps make walking surfaces safe.


  1. The carpet in your home is a significant investment. This floor covering helps make walking surfaces safe. It can also enhance the appeal of your home. Carpet consists of a raised surface of fibers attached to a backing. Misuse, improper care, environmental elements, pets, and exposure to pollutants can all cause carpet deterioration. To keep your carpets in good condition, learn how to properly care for them. Use the following tips for this ongoing task.

    Carpets are manufactured to have their fibers keep a certain degree of pliability. This ability to be bent without permanently damaged the integrity of the fiber has its limits. For this reason, it's essential to vacuum your carpets a few times a week. This can prevent pollutants, dust mites, allergens, mold, and other unwanted substances from breaking down the structure of carpet fibers. As more material accumulates in carpets, the carpet fibers are forced to carry excess weight. Removing this material can help carpet retain its factory condition.

    When you vacuum your carpets, use a height setting that won't place too much pressure on your carpets. As you vacuum, try not to press down too hard on the carpets. The suction of the vacuum will provide adequate force to make particulates exit the carpet. Vacuum in overlapping strokes to prevent missing spots. As you vacuum, notice the condition of your carpet. Are there stains? Are there snags in the carpet? Is the carpet loose? You can fix these problems as a later time.

    When you see a snag or sprout, use a pair of scissors to cut it. Don't cut below the top of the pile. When you see a stain, remove as much of it as you can before cleaning it. Blotting will remove more of a substance than trying to wipe it up. Consider having your carpets cleaned professionally every year. Doing this will help remove deep stains and materials in the pile.

    Implementing superior carpet care and carpet cleaning in Bartow an keep your carpets from having a shortened useful life. For more information on carpet care, please consult with Winter Haven carpet cleaners at Servpro Industries, Inc. This company can handle numerous services for carpet cleaning, mold remediation, water damage, fire damage, and storm damage.