Locally Produced, Locally Published: Re-Imaging Scholarly Communication for Hampshire College

The scholarly communication landscape is changing rapidly. There are many databases that scholars can access to do their work beyond the discovery services that many libraries now subscribe to, in particular, open access journals. We can also build our own content, too.


  1. There are many challenges associated with maintaining a library collection in a higher education setting. Most notably, the cost of acquiring materials, a challenge Hampshire shares with large research universities. 
  2. To wit, no one suggests that the scholarly communication enterprise should be free: 
  3. So, how can we reconcile the need to spread light, but also ensure that libraries can afford to purchase scholarship? OPEN ACCESS JOURNALS AND INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORIES!
  4. So, why isn't everyone doing it?
  5. A common refrain, it's always been this way and so it will be forever more. 
  6. But I won't get tenure unless I publish in a highly respected journal or university press! 
  7. The technology is available, but it won't be fully leveraged unless tenure committees respect open access and traditional publications equally. 
  8. Policies need to be written. Models need to be created. Only then will behaviors change.
  9. Walk the talk. 
  10. But change is coming. The tide is turning.