#5CDH: Walls, Shawls, iPads, Maps & DH

On Friday March 1, 2013 faculty, librarians, technologists, and students in the Five Colleges gathered to share ongoing Digital Humanities projects in the Five Colleges, reflect on their experiences, and discuss how to incorporate DH practices into classrooms.


  1. A panel featuring Karen Remmler (MHC), Jon Olson, (UM) & Caro Pinto (HC) kicked off the afternoon. 
  2. Olson described how his humanities classes incorporated technology & the delicate balance between humanities & technology. Of course, this is not a question limited to just the humanities.
  3. It is clear faculty cannot tackle content & technology on their own. What are the best practices?
  4. Olson aslo mused about how mold our students into makers. Jeffrey Schapp from Harvard talks about cultivating a hybrid producer/consumer model called prosumers. 
  5. Caro Pinto talked about translating the value of successful and unsuccessful DH projects; how to build effective teams, and how to balance hierarchy and collaboration. 
  6.  Karen Remmler discussed feminism & DH. 
  7. Remmler's comments connect the the emergent #transformdh movement led by @adelinekoh & others.
  8. Remmler also talked about upcoming events & projects that explore these issues.
  9. The Q & A advanced a discussion of how to balance teaching content w/ teaching technology.
  10. And what types of assumptions we make about why our students reject e-books.