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Lululemon Social Media Audit and Analysis | "Creating components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives."


  1. Lululemon is consistent with their brand message and brand image across all social media platforms. Their objective is to "create components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives," which is stated in the bio of all their social media channels. An important part of social media is to have consistency throughout all social media platforms, and connect all social media platforms. Lululemon does a very good job of this. By looking through the Storify below, it is apparent that each social media platform is unique, but serves a similar purpose and is consistent with other platforms. 
  2. Brand Image: "Create components for people to live long, healthy, and fun lives." 

  3. This Instagram post is an example of how Lululemon follows their brand mission in this particular social media platform. Not only is Lululemon marketing their clothing in this post, but they are also marketing their brand lifestyle and image. The caption "Breathe. Stretch. Friday." is inspirational and matches their bio and lifestyle as it is creating components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives. While the caption is simple, and isn't overwhelming with hashtags, the use of a hashtag in this particular caption would allow the post to gain more reach as well as create a personalized trend for the brand. 
  4. Breathe. Stretch. Friday.
    Breathe. Stretch. Friday.
  5. The tweets below are examples of how Lululemon follows their brand mission on Twitter as well. The posts show inspiration and motivation with their theme and captions, while the images are compelling and provide value. These tweets show brand personality, which is an important concept in having a successful Twitter and in social media in general. Lululemon does a good job in successfully inserting links in their Tweets for consumers to easily access what is featured in the Tweet. They also have shortened the links to leave more room for characters to add more content to the post. 
  6. Similar to the Instagram mentioned earlier, one aspect of the tweets that could be improved is for Lululemon to use a hashtag in the caption. Lululemon should embrace the use of the hashtag, especially in Twitter, in order for the post to gain a larger reach as well as provide opportunity to establish a brand a mini community in Twitter. 
  7. Lululemon continues their brand image and mission onto their Pinterest account where you can find many thematic pin boards relevant to Lululemon's lifestyle, such as motivation and inspiration boards, healthy eating boards, etc. 
  8. These two pins are from Lululemon's manifesto themed board on their Pinterest site. This board captures the true essence of what the Lululemon lifestyle is all about. Quotes such as "appreciate the moment," inspire and motivate consumers to live happy, healthy and determined lives. Similarly the Lululemon manifesto, which is one of Lululemon's trademarks, found on their reusable shopping bags, provides quotes and inspirational sayings that capture the essence of Lululemon. This provides a personality and brand image for Lululemon that is reflected throughout each social media platform. 
  9. Share Updates, News and Events

  10. An important aspect of social media is to be able to commemorate big moments that are relevant to the brand. It is important for brands to use social media to share updates and news of their brand in order to provide an exclusive and updated experience for followers of the brand. 
  11. Breathe, laugh and surf | We're open just in time for summer on Martha's Vineyard.
    Breathe, laugh and surf | We're open just in time for summer on Martha's Vineyard.
  12. Here is an Instagram post of an example where Lululemon commemorates an event within the company, the new store opening in Martha's Vineyard. It is beneficial for Lululemon to commemorate big moments in social media in order to share the breaking news and widen their reach. 
  13. Similarly, here are two more examples, one a tweet and one an instagram, that commemorate events such as store openings and other activities. This also represents the mobility of social media and the importance to take advantage of the fact that social media can be anywhere. 
  14. Our friends in Shanghai celebrating the opening of the Xintiandi showroom.
    Our friends in Shanghai celebrating the opening of the Xintiandi showroom.
  15. Wanderlust

  16. An event that is frequently mentioned in Lululemon's social media channels is the Wanderlust Festival, which is a yoga festival and retreat that takes place in many locations around the U.S. and Canada during the summer. Using different social media channels to share updates and photos of these events allows for consumers to see what the events are all about and gain insight. Even though Lululemon does not host the event, they build a community of the Lululemon yoga lifestyle through marketing the yoga retreat, and they increase their reach of consumers. 
  17. Here is an advertisement for the Wanderlust Festival on Twitter. The ad is compelling with the graphics and the captions. A good addition to the caption of the post is the information about following the festival live. Twitter provides an outlet for news and updates, and that is exactly what Lululemon does with this tweet.
  18. This instagram post of Wanderlust provides a consumer with an insight of what the festival is about, and shows how their is a very large community of Lululemon lovers. By using the hashtag of #WLStratton (where the festival took place) and by mentioning @wanderlust, the post will gain a much larger reach and show a personalized trend within the Lululemon brand.