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Chemistry Nobel Prize 2011

The social web reacts to this year's chemistry Nobel announcement.


  1. The day the Nobel Prize in Chemistry is announced is chemistry's day in the mainstream spotlight. For chemists there's genuine emotion and excitement behind the announcement. People stay up late (or get up early) to watch it.

    Follow the reaction to the prize on the web with this Storify timeline.

  2. You know Nobel Prize season's near when the predictions start emerging. "This is the Oscars for nerds," Paul Bracher, a chemist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena,
    who maintains the chemistry-themed blog ChemBark, told the journal Science's blog ScienceInsider.

  3. The Twitterverse is, well, a-twitter with excitement.
  4. Who says scientists don't have a sense of humor? Not sure whether this is humor, ego, or some combination of the two.
  5. Quite a few Nobel-watchers have been tee'd off in recent years that Chemistry laureates' research has slanted too far towards the biological. Of course, not everyone agrees with that. But it's still amusing to watch.

  6. The anticipation is global.

  7. So much for predictions. This year's winner wasn't on the major lists. And more than a few chemists, including Martyn Poliakoff of Periodic Table of Videos fame, admitted they weren't familiar with the work.

  8. Daniel Shechtman Wins Nobel Chemistry Prize
  9. Daniel Shechtman of Israel Is Awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Daniel Shechtman of Israel Is Awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  10. 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry (corrected) - Periodic Table of Videos
  11. Not everyone missed the quasicrystal boat. C&E News covered Shechtman's work back in 1999.
  12. And researchers who'd worked in the quasicrystal area rejoiced at the announcement.