#WMATA Tweets of the Week: Adele, Pregnancy Tests, and Dobby the House Elf

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  1. Welcome to #WMATA Tweets of the Week, where I search for the best tweets using the #WMATA hash tag, and then present them for your viewing pleasure.

    This past week has been rather random with tweets, ranging from people complaining about the funky smells coming from riders in hot cars to discarded pregnancy tests in Metro cars. My all time favorite of the week has been tough: I loved the Doby comment from WashingTina (I laughed pretty hard at that one), I liked the invisible cellphone man tweet from Daniel Battisto, and I also enjoyed Hannah Johnson's suggestion for slides in Rossyln (pretty sure it would be a horrible experience for any working ladies rocking skirts). 

    If I had to pick one clear-cut winner, it would have to be WashingTina, if not for the fact that I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd and that tweet is downright hilarious.

    Thanks again for tweeting, and enjoy your fix of #WMATA hilariousness!