Get Ready To Play Games @ Work - Welcome to the World of Gamification

There is a lot that business can learn from the gaming industry and the floodgates are about to open. Make sure you watch this amazing trend!


  1. At our recent Cisco internal Sales conference (GSX), we convened over 20,000 employees in a virtual environment and used live video, web sharing and games to connect, train and engage our audience.

    The following video discusses what we did and introduces the benefits of "gamification" in the business world.  I'm joined by Byron Reeves from Stamford and Mary Jo Kim (Gaming Expert) to discuss this exciting new world.

    Here is the video

  2. It's coincidental that the WSJ ran a piece on Gamification yesterday.  The article describes what is happening in some large companies like IBM and Deloitte. 

  3. I also think Jane McGonigal talk from Ted was very inspirational and she's done a great job of discussing how gaming can solve some of the worlds biggest problems.  Worth the time to watch.

  4. Here is her site if you want more info on what she is doing.  Her book it visionary and worth the read.
  5. Byrons book is fantastic and gives you a lot of great ideas if you are implementing or designing a game for work.  I learned a lot from reading it and after spending time with him he's fantastic.

  6. I also wanted to include a few of my blogs from 2009 that describes what we did.  I can't believe it's been over 2 years since I wrote that blog but I'm so happy to see this finally taking off!  Please give me your feedback.

  7. You have to remember, that rule number one about being a "Tech Nowist" is that you have to embrace change.  Gaming will change business and this is a trend that you need to start watching, learning and doing experiments in order to be able to leverage. 

    Enjoy.... gaming is fun!