Can Invisalign Cause Allergic Reactions?


  1. After reading about options to straighten the teeth, you may like to pick invisalign. The invisalign is believed to be the better alternate to braces because it doesn’t cause much of the aggravations the braces do. But then, there are some studies too that suggest invisalign may have some side effects. But, it is only a part of story. So, it would be worth discussing what invisalign is and the ways it can cause issues for the people seeking the straightening of their teeth.
  2. The invisalign

  3. Invsailgn is a teeth straightener which is used as an alternative to braces. It is basically a mold created by your dentist after he/she takes measurements of your teeth. These straighteners are invisible because of which they have their appeal. Moreover, invisalign is disposable. You need to get it replaced in every two weeks after getting new measurements. This way, it works pretty much the same way as regular braces but without causing much of aggravations or pain.
  4. The possibility of allergic reaction due to invisalign

  5. Many people ask about the allergic reactions that can occur due to the use of invisalign. Well, there is the possibility of allergic reactions but this possibility is really the minor one. Only a small percentage of people would face allergic reactions as a result of invisalign use; and most of those users would have something more than a minor irritation.
  6. The most common issue that is seen in those few affected ones is mostly related to their problem in producing saliva in the mouth. When saliva production is poor, use of invisalign can cause further complications in circulating the saliva, causing irritation for the user.
  7. The role of trigger

  8. Another reason for the irritation with use of invisalign is the allergic reaction which is can be caused due to contact with plastic. Since invisalign is the plastic, it gets in consistent contact with the teeth, gums and other parts of your internal mouth. Hence, it can trigger an allergic reaction if you are allergic to plastics.
  9. The seriousness of allergic reactions

  10. Even for the very few people who would suffer allergic reactions due to the use of invisalign, the irritation doesn’t normally get extravagant. It means that if you are willing to tolerate the minor irritation, you can do it with ease. Nevertheless, you must take this decision about bearing the side effects only after talking your dentist to make sure that this usage is not going to make things worse.
  11. The chance of severe allergic reaction is very rare but it can still happen. In case you are the unlucky one to have such reactions, you need to consult your dentist immediately. The severe issues may include breathing problem, chest pain and hyperventilation issues. The occurrence of such issues may result in dentist suggesting you to stop using the invisalign.
  12. How does Invisalign work?