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The Canadian Opera Company's Week of GrimmFest!

Dean Burry's popular Canadian children's opera The Brothers Grimm celebrates its 500th performance during GrimmFest, a week-long celebration of all things Grimm!


  1. We're halfway through GrimmFest! Our week-long celebration included two free concerts celebrating fairy tales, a free Opera Talk with composer Dean Burry and three performances of The Brothers Grimm at Daniels Spectrum on December 7 and 8. 
    Learn more about GrimmFest here and continue reading here to see what we've been getting up to!
  2. On Tuesday, December 4, our first GrimmFest event was Happily Ever After, a free concert dedicated to magic and fairy tales. Hosted by Eric Domville, the performance featured Ensemble Studio graduates Virginia Hatfield, Andrea Ludwig, Michael Barrett, and current Ensemble member Jenna Douglas on piano. The artists performed a variety of pieces from opera classics to Disney favourites. View the program here.
  3. On Wednesday, December 5, Egyptian-Canadian singer Maryem Tollar and friends returned to the Free Concert Series to perform Fairy Tales From Faraway Lands, a collection of music and dance inspired by tales from the Middle East. View the program here
  4. For our performances of The Brothers Grimm at Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park, we've created a fantastic photo booth to re-enact everybody's favourite fables. From Rapunzel...
  5. To Little Red Riding Hood...
  6. And even Rumpelstiltskin!
  7. At each performance we have a variety of merchandise for sale. You can leave with a stylish GrimmFest t-shirt, a selection of fairy tale books, COC totes and The Brothers Grimm on CD.
  8. To learn more about GrimmFest and The Brothers Grimm, read some of our interviews and feature stories. See you there!
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