The Comic Report: Jess Salomon

9 questions from Brody the Intern for Canada Laughs to profile the best comedians Canada has to offer.


  1. "it’s just great to get your jokes heard by people who wouldn’t otherwise know you. Maybe turn someone new onto your stand up" - Jess Salomon
  2. Jess Salomon, Stand Up April 2013
  3. 1.What do you do to prepare for a show?

    Showering. It puts me in the right head space. Also drinking a pint. Apparently I’m a lot more likable after a pint.

    2.What is the best/worst memory from touring?

    Stand up is such a roller coaster. There are so many variables, even more so on the road when you don’t know the venues, audiences or other acts on a show. You can have a best/worst moment in the same night. While on tour with DeAnne Smith with our show “Girl on Girl on Girl” the best was rolling up to a venue and seeing a line-up outside. The worst was finding out the Drag Queen we got to host the show had been in chemo all day … as she introduced the show. Angry, chemo, Drag Queen with it turns out, lots of Holocaust material. You know it’s ok to tell someone, “I can’t make it, I have chemo today.”

    3.If you had to describe your comedic style what would you say?

    It’s still developing. It started out dirty. That was the easiest way to get a reaction, which you so desperately need at the beginning. Lately, it’s been more political/observational. I’ll probably come full circle one day, when I’m an old lady, back to dirty. Dirty observations about what I remember sex being like.

  4. 4.What does it mean to be showcased on SiriusXM Canada Laughs?

    Big royalties!!! Honestly, it’s just great to get your jokes heard by people who wouldn’t otherwise know you. Maybe turn someone new onto your stand up, like my parents. Still waiting to turn them onto my stand up. I leave the radio in my mum’s car set to Canada Laughs, hoping
  5. 5.What is the best thing about being a Canadian comic?

    Having my privacy.

    6.Where did comedy start for you?

    In school, I entertained my friends with stories. And by entertained, I mean sometimes put them to sleep at sleepover parties. One of my favourite pranks was removing the toilet paper from the stalls and listening to girls ask each other to pass some toilet paper only to discover there wasn’t any! I’m not the best person.

  6. 7.Who’s been your biggest influence?

    Ultimately I think Jon Stewart, in that his career is something I aspire to. In stand up there are a lot of people I love whether it’s for their joke writing, story-telling or just pure performance. I love Louis CK, Bill Burr, Paul F Tompkins, Patton Oswalt, Wanda Sykes, Tig Notaro, Hannibal Buress. Non-stand up, anything Tina Fey and Amy Poehler do.

  7. - Jon Stewart
  8. Jess Salomon - Pringles Are Facist Chips
  9. 8.Who on the circuit now that influences you?

    The people I spend the most time with and ask, “Is this funny?” to are DeAnne Smith and Eman El-Husseini. So those two.

  10. 9.What is some advice you can give an intern trying to get into radio?

    Find out what people like and get it for them. Come up with ideas. Be on top of stuff. Be keen but not annoying. Isn’t there like a Buzzfeed list I can plug in here?