Creating the Code:

A BBC Transmedia Documentary


  1. Welcome to the Code - The Code - BBC Two
  2. Adrian Hon, Six to Start, vertelt over het project - The Code:
    About the patterns and mathematics we see in the world around us.
    Series of clues in TV-programma, to find unique treasure hidden somewhere in the UK. BBC Two - 3 part documentary

    Heart: tv-show + treasure hunt

    1. How create Transmedia Experience accessible for broadest audience
    2. Best way
    3. Advantages/disadvantages
    4. Numbers
    5. Practical & security

  3. Hardest question:
    How to put it all together as a user?

    2. Best way
  4. 3. Advantages/dis
    Uncertainty at every step along the way
    Unknown TX (airing) date -> BBC battles a lot with competitors
    Legacy tech and legal problems
    Embrace the chaos

    massive synergy for driving audience to TV and website
    from game side: rich video to explain difficult science concepts
  5. 4. Numbers
    - 1.7 / 1.8m viewers for TV - slot in the summer, we preferred september
    20 - 40 % boost included time-shifted figures
    - 1 mio players of games
  6. 5. Practical issues & securitySecurity
    Lot of bragging rights for someone ‘breaking the BBC’
    2-stage treasure hunt firewall
    Dont write anything down, ever - dont text it either
    Encypt final treasure hunt data
    only 2 people knew the final answer
    Ppl go to great lengths.

    You can’t tell how long the solve will take.
    Who’s going to win?
    It might be broken
    Need to impress entire team how important details are

    It can never be too easy to get into
    Embedding is essential
    Embrace uncertainty. Be prepared
    Players can get crazy. Things WILL go wrong
    Massive engagement and viewer boos (and ppl love this)
  7. Op de volgende site, vind je onderaan het complete verhaal van Adrian Hon als audio-bestand: