#2012Unfiltered: Mitt Romney's Europe trip

Photos by Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker from Mitt Romney's trip to London, Israel and Poland. Our reporters are using the iPhone and Droid app Instagram and the hashtag #2012Unfiltered to capture scenes from the campaign trail.

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  1. Mitt Romney faces the press but won't talk foreign policy at 10 Downing St.
  2. Romney saw King George IV's restored microphone during exhibit tour.
  3. Mitt Romney's plane prepares for takeoff from London to Tel Aviv. #2012unfiltered
  4. Mitt Romney meets President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem. #2012unfiltered
  5. A simply spectacular Old City Jerusalem backdrop for Romney's speech tonight. #2012unfiltered
  6. These flags sum up Mitt Romney's message today. #2012unfiltered
  7. PIC: Sheldon Adelson and wife arrive at Romney's speech in Jerusalem. #2012unfiltered
  8. The media and bystander swarm around Mitt Romney at Jerusalem's Western Wall. #2012unfiltered
  9. Mitt Romney at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. #2012unfiltered
  10. After Mitt Romney, son @JoshRomney and aides @LanheeChen and @Rick_Gorka place prayers in Western Wall.
  11. Mitt and Ann Romney arrive in Gdansk, Poland. #2012unfiltered
  12. Lovely Gdansk, Poland! The view from our file center. #2012unfiltered
  13. Huge crowds awaiting Romney in Gdansk, but a RON PAUL banner. #2012unfiltered
  14. Romney receives briefing at Polish memorial. #2012unfiltered
  15. Mitt Romney at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw. #2012unfiltered
  16. Quite the collection at Starbucks in Warsaw. #2012unfiltered
  17. The passports of all 38 journalists traveling with Mitt Romney. #2012unfiltered
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