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Investiture Week: Day Five

On Friday, Cal State L.A. inaugurated Dr. William A. Covino as its seventh president. The formal Investiture represents the first new leadership on the Cal State L.A. campus in 34 years.


  1. In other words, today was the big day. There were attractive programs, tickets and magnets.
  2. The esteemed faculty were dressed in their regalia garb, ready to process.
  3. Almost time!!! @calstatela #iamcalstatela #iservela #csula #ger #investitureWeek
    Almost time!!! @calstatela #iamcalstatela #iservela #csula #ger #investitureWeek
  4. And the Luckman Theatre was decked out. Check out that setup:
  5. Waiting for this investiture to start! Such an exciting day! #csula #calstatela #goldeneagles #iAmCalStateLA #investiture
    Waiting for this investiture to start! Such an exciting day! #csula #calstatela #goldeneagles #iAmCalStateLA #investiture
  6. Representatives from campus constituencies, including students, staff, faculty, alumni, CSU officials and community members, took to the podium to greet the president. And the president's wife, First Lady Debbie Covino, won the crowd over with a heartfelt speech.
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  8. Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis gave the keynote address. Like President Covino, Solis is a graduate of the CSU system and was the first in her family to attend college.
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  10. Then, CSU Chancellor Timothy White draped the president's medallion on President Covino, officially installing him as the seventh president of Cal State L.A.
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  12. In his Investiture speech, “Engagement, Service, and the Public Good,” President Covino laid out his vision for the future of this 23,000-student institution. He outlined plans for an institution that serves as a hub of access, opportunity and excellence for all Angelenos.

  13. “As we envision the future of Cal State L.A., we're going to build upon those three pillars: engagement, service and the public good,” said Covino. “We're going to be a university without walls. An institution that draws from the community, and stands for the community. This is a spirit we instill in our students. Because, for them to advance from our classrooms to become tomorrow’s darers and doers, citizens and civic leaders, innovators and inventors, they must first internalize and identify with the ethic of engagement that they will learn right here at Cal State L.A. And then they'll transform Los Angeles and the world beyond.”
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