Bionic Pancreas Excitement Builds for New Treatments Being Developed in the Memphis Area.

Community excitement for the bionic pancreas, artificial pancreas, and continuous glucose monitor grows in Memphis as new technologies are developed and brought to the city.


  1. With new research and treatments for type one diabetes being developed so quickly, the diabetic community is in a period of transition. More type one diabetics are embracing new technologies such as insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems. Shelby County has an unusually high rate of diabetes, prompting treatment centers to open up, including most recently, Trina Healthcare. Trina, which was started by the father of a type one diabetic, Dr. G. Ford Gilbert, aims not to cure diabetes, but to dramatically improve the lives of those living with it.
  2. The research and treatments that Trina Healthcare is providing in Memphis are just one aspect of the new research developing worldwide. The biggest advancements recently have been made by Edward Damiano's team of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University and their work toward the bionic pancreas that Damiano conceived. The bionic pancreas intends to be the biological cure for type one diabetes, by using two different machines (one to dispense insulin and one for glucose), it will effectively replicate the natural pancreas.
  3. The Boston team completed 2 week trials at a summer camp for kids over summer 2013 and they plan to begin clinical trials in patients outside of 24-hour supervision for doctors during the summer of 2015. The technology they are building, although it may not even be considered for release until late 2017, is building massive excitement in the diabetic community and on social media. The hype stems from the promise of a better life provided by the artificial pancreas. It would make regulating blood sugars easier, as it uses a scientific formula to automatically adjust insulin levels based on a person's current blood sugar.
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  7. The Twitter and Instagram buzz continues to grow with every new step in the development of these technologies, which helps increase donations and funding for such expensive projects. The government allocates funds for diabetes research through the Special Diabetes Project, but the funding is not sufficiant to meet the researchers expected release dates.
  8. At first kept on the down low, The Boston University team is now publicizing its efforts heavily to the public and to agencies that will help fund their efforts. Twitter is fraught with false information about what the device will be, everything from people believing it will be a complete cure, to people believing it will be released soon. Damiano and his team have begun more media efforts and publicity attempts in response.
  9. Experts estimate that the bionic pancreas could be ready for public use as early as summer 2017. The device tested well in field and clinical tests, and the determining factors will be the next sets of human trials away from laboratories.