Tennessee's Amendment 1: Amendment What??

Tennessee Amendment 1, on abortion restrictions, spawned major criticisms and questions among voters in Memphis before passing on November 4.


  1. Out at the Opera Memphis polling precinct in East Memphis, voters were eager to talk about their controversial opinions on Amendment 1 and abortion in general.
  2. The amendment is worded in a way that many voters consider vague and, even on Election day, lots of voters couldn't explain exactly what it meant. It isn't going to stop abortions or make them illegal, as several people thought. "I haven't studied it very much, but I think it means abortions will somehow be limited," Jessie Snyder said, after voting on Tuesday.
  3. The pro-choice side of the arguement has incredibly strong opinions on the issue, citing 'my body, my choice' and women's rights as the mains reasons. "I think it means they're trying to take women's rights away and put them back in the hands of politicians. It's MY body," Betty Weiss said.
  4. "Pretty much politicians are trying to nose they're way into women's lives. Most of them are men and don't even know what we're going through," Mary Weiss, a 20-year-old University of Memphis junior said.
  5. Really Tennessee? Thanks for one more step back into the dark ages.
    Really Tennessee? Thanks for one more step back into the dark ages.
  6. #peace #love and #freedom my body my choice! #noon1 #vote #voter #fuckthepatriarch #fuckreligionandstate
    #peace #love and #freedom my body my choice! #noon1 #vote #voter #fuckthepatriarch #fuckreligionandstate
  7. After the amendment passed, many people were more concered with exactly what it meant.
  8. An Important Message About Amendment 1 in Tennessee
  9. Pro-life supporters rejoiced on Tuesday when amendment 1 passed, citing it as a victory for conservative values and the traditional family. "I voted yes, because (my family) believes in life," Sam Singleton said.