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  3. It can be incredibly hard to get workers compensation benefits in any jurisdiction but especially in a state like California that has such strict laws and so many claims in process at any given time. That being said, you can learn a thing or two about workmen’s comp laws and figure out what needs to be done to get a truly good lawyer that is going to be able to win your claim and get you the money you deserve.

  4. It is helpful to first understand a little bit about workmen’s compensation laws in California. Having this information will make it easier to choose representation and learn what you can do to help further your case. The Division of Worker’s Compensation of California helps to monitor the administration of workers compensation claims and helps to provide judicial and administrative services in resolving the disputes that are filed with them. The goal of the DWC is to help minimize the negative effects that can take place when a worker’s compensation claim is filed. The board hopes to resolve the issues quickly, easily, and in the most beneficial manner for all parties involved.

  5. The senate bill 863 was signed into effect by governor Brown in 2012 and has helped in making a wide range changes to the worker’s compensation system that was already in effect in the state. This bill hopes to help reduce the cost of these claims while increasing the benefits of those that do in fact file and win claims. In California, as in most states and jurisdictions, it is the burden of the defendant to prove that the complaint filer was in fact injured elsewhere and that it is not the fault of the company.
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  8. It is also helpful to understand what a worker’s comp claim really is and what factors must be taken into account to file a claim. First off, a worker’s compensation fund is often put into place at a work place to help pay for any claims that are filed. In order for a claim to be considered a worker’s comp claim it must be an injury that occurred either at work or as a direct result of something that occurred while the individual was working. This does not mean that someone that felt a pain after they got home from work can file a claim, but rather that the injury must be the direct result of the workplace in some way or another.
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  10. It is essential that the person filing the claim have both physical evidence, any sort of video evidence or eye witness statements that they can find, and doctor’s notes that can prove the injury was a result of the work place. When filing a claim it is important that the person representing you have all the correct information, that they are prepared to fight, and that they have the full support of the person filing the claim. It is always easier to figure out how to win a claim if all the information is provided up front so that a proper case can be made. In many cases or worker’s compensation claims, it is difficult to prove that it is the fault of the workplace and therefore it is crucial that a case be strong, well supported, and well backed.
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