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How Can California Workers' Compensation Law Help You?


  1. The California Workers' Compensation Law is designed to help employees who have been injured or gotten sick on the job.

  2. While employers need to have illness and injury prevention programs, people still can and do get hurt or ill from time to time, based on something they were doing at work. That's when the law becomes important to them, and can protect them financially while they heal. If you are injured on the job or sickened by something you are doing at work, report the problem to your boss immediately. There will also be a claim form you'll need to file.

  3. If you need emergency treatment, you should get that right away and report the injury to your boss as soon as possible. The treatment you receive should be documented, and it is very important that you make sure you are saving any information given to you by the doctor or other medical professionals who treat you. That information will be needed to file a claim, allowing you to receive benefits for your injury. If you delay your reporting, you may also delay your benefits, which is not something you want to have happen. Since your injury may make it impossible for you to work for a while, you need to make sure the workers' compensation benefits you receive are timely.

  4. There are five main benefits you can get from the worker's compensation law in California.

  5. 1. Temporary disability benefits.

    If you lose wages because your injury keeps you from working for a little while, you can get disability benefits for that period of time. Those benefits can only be used while you're recovering, and once your doctor has determined that you have sufficiently recovered from your work-related injury or illness, your temporary disability benefits will end.

    2. Death benefits.

    If you die from an injury or illness on the job, your spouse or other family members can receive benefits. That will help them cover expenses and can protect them from financial harm as they deal with the loss of your wages. These benefits have limits on them, but they can be very helpful if a person is lost on his or her job.

    3. Medical care.

    Your medical care will be paid by your employer during your recovery period, as long as the care you seek is related to the accident or illness you acquired while you were working. That allows you to continue to recover without the worry of medical bills piling up. After all, you should not have to pay for an injury or illness that your employer or working conditions caused.

    4. Permanent disability benefits.

    If your illness or injury is so severe that you cannot completely recover, you may be eligible for permanent disability benefits. These are designed to help cover the wages you would lose during your working life, based on your age at the time of your disability.

    5. Supplemental job placement benefits.

    The final benefit you can get through the California Workers' Compensation Law is supplemental job placement. If you can't work in your old job but could work a different job, these benefits can help pay for training, to allow you to change careers.
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