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Social media reaction to Marty Hurney's firing

Twitter blew up Monday morning with the news that Carolina Panthers General Manager Marty Hurney was fired. From players to the media, insights and analysis poured in immediately.


  1. Defensive End Charles Johnson is not happy.
  2. But while Johnson was talking, other Panthers weren't.
  3. Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer weighed in as well with his thoughts.
  4. The Charlotte Observer columnist Scott Fowler was quick to weigh in as well.
  5. Nuts and bolts looking ahead?  Look no further than the tweets from Pro Football Talk's Darin Gantt.
  6. The speculation has already begun--was Cam Newton behind the firing on Hurney?
  7. Reporter Adam Caplan provided some great insight, too.
  8. Rick Reilly offered his two cents, of course.