Class of 2012 graduation

Graduation ceremonies at the University of California, Berkeley. Congratulations and Go Bears! #cal

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  1. What up, Bay Area? Part I of III UC Berkeley commencement ceremonies this week/end.
  2. seeing all these pics of graduation, the campanile, memorial glade... damn if I don't miss Berkeley right now! Can I do it all over again?
  3. The future is bright!
  4. Cal Basketball: Shareef Abdur-Rahim Graduation
  5. My baby sister is graduating!
  6. Excited to attend the 2012 UC Berkeley Graduation to witness Nati Oron take her walk of honor. Congratulations Nati!!! You are amazing.
  7. Caterina Fake: Commencement 2012 Keynote
  8. I'll remember today as the day my dreams came true. Graduate from UC Berkeley with an Environmental Sciences degree ✔ Speak at graduation ✔ Make family & friends happy ✔ Look forward to a relaxing summer and research on water for the rest of my life ✔