The Most Common Issues You Have to Deal with to Secure Your Child’s Custody


  1. If you have children and are undergoing a divorce, you will want to first secure the child custody in Ft. Lauderdale, among other things. This is not as easy as it sounds, for you will have to undergo a number of legal proceedings, complete formalities, and prove your capability for ensuring the well-being and future of your child. There are several calculations involved for child support too, for which you have to reach a consensus with your ex-spouse. Several earlier orders and modifications related to your children may need to be modified too.

    Top issues a child custody lawyer can help with

    Determining parental responsibilities post-divorce, which will also include child support, child custody, and deciding the time schedule for visiting the children.

    Establishing paternity, which is necessary especially for non-married people. This is necessary to seek child alimony, and if the father denies having fathered the child, a paternal test may also become necessary.

    Calculating child support value by bringing every shared asset and property into the picture. The parents’ income, time spent with children, in which institution does the child study, what activities he/she enjoys the most, etc. will play a role in calculating the child support valuation.