Your Comments: Health Care Ruling

Here are some of the comments on the health care ruling from Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. ObamaCARES! It is the law of the land. I'm glad 35million more people will benefit from health care.
  2. Every hardworking American regardless of pre existing conditions should have health care.
  3. Obama in his own words.....not a tax
  4. Our country is now doomed, as if we weren't close before. Once the court agrees the government can force you to buy something you don't want and validates a 3,000+ pages of legislation bill that nobody - not even them - fully understands, that contains clauses like selling your house now has a tax to pay for someone else's healthcare, what's next? "One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine." --Ronald Reagan on health care in 1961
  5. It is now unlawful for you to not buy health care....if you dont buy it you will have an I.R.S problem. We need health care overhaul but this is not the way to do it. My family cannot afford health care, we pray for good health and use our community clinic. believe me i would love affordable health care but not this way. If people could see through the smokescreen that is being presented to them they would see how detrimental this is to our American future....Roberts you have some explaining to do..
  6. With the historic Supreme Court ruling to uphold the Affordable Care Act, most Americans will have access to affordable quality health insurance coverage.
  7. The US Supreme Court bears no resemblance to a court - it is merely a third chamber of congress with the power to run roughshod over all the citizens. Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagan, Roberts, and Sotomayor wouldn't recognize the Constitution if it ran over them much less when they are busy running over it themselves. Partisan Democrats posing as impartial judges have put the future of our country at risk (again).
  8. Health care for all Americans = Winning!
  9. I've only been awake for a few hours and today is already a good day. I wake up to find out that the Affordable Health Care Act was upheld by the SCOTUS, a 6 to 3 ruling. (Shocking what three said no to it -.-) That would make my day any time!! Congratulations Mr. President, and you'll see my vote on November 6th, 2012. OBAMA 2012!!
  10. The Supreme Court has ruled that no one is being 'forced' by the mandate to purchase health insurance. You'll simply have to pay another 'tax' if you don't.
  11. Have just been reading the Supreme Court decision re Affordable health care. My head hurts. Thank goodness for the syllabus and I'm surely glad that I don't have to wade through all 193 pages.