Enjoying a Boost from Caffeine Without the Downsides of Energy Drinks

Some consumers are happy with the various energy drinks that have become so widely available, but certainly not all of them.


  1. To many people today, caffeine seems like one of the most wondrous substances of all. The gentle but effective way that it stimulates the mind and adds to energy levels can seem like the perfect tool for overcoming the challenges of modern life.

    At the same time, caffeine is often found in forms that most people would rather avoid. Fortunately, there are some excellent options to look into for those who would prefer not to go without this popular perk-me-up.

    Too Many Additives and Unwanted Ingredients in the Average Energy Drink

    Some consumers are happy with the various energy drinks that have become so widely available, but certainly not all of them. Energy drinks tend to be marketed to young buyers who worry relatively little about what they put into their bodies. While that might be acceptable to some, many recognize and fret about the downsides.

    In addition to caffeine, for instance, many energy drinks contain other stimulants whose side effects are not well understood. While some of these exotic ingredients could turn out to be harmless, there are quite a few people today who would rather not take their chances.

    In addition to such problematic additives, most energy drinks also contain quite a bit of sugar. While a bit of sweetener might help a beverage go down easier, the levels found in some of the most popular products go far beyond that. In fact, many seem to purposely include large doses of sugar as ways of producing an even more pronounced energizing effect even if that means adding hundreds of calories, as well.

    A Cleaner, Simpler Alternative to Energy Drinks

    On the other hand, there are also other options that are far more acceptable to those who maintain standards regarding what they drink and ingest. Caffeinated Water that can be created by simply adding a few drops of a concentrated product to a glass can deliver all the benefits of caffeine without the downsides typical of energy drinks.

    Those who add caffeine to water in this way put themselves in control of what they are consuming instead of accepting a marketing-heavy energy drink's take on the matter. Because caffeine liquid also tends to be fairly strong relative to the amount of the substance it contains, carrying around a suitable quantity of it becomes practical. For the many people who appreciate what caffeine offers but would rather do without the drawbacks of energy drinks, caffeinated water can be an excellent alternative.