Encouraging physical activity

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  1. It seems like everyday we are hearing about the problem of children spending the majority of their free time sedentary. In fact, it has become the norm and people are accepting it. This needs to change! We need to promote and encourage active participation in physical activity in order to achieve lifelong wellness. What better way to encourage physical activity then in schools, during physical education class. 
  2. ^^ Couldn't agree more! Growing up I would always hear stories from my parents and my friends parents about how back in the day they would be out from sunrise until sunset late at night playing sports, or being active with their friends. In todays world parents are worried about their children and allowing them to be out roaming around with the friends; rightfully so as todays world is a much different world than 50 years ago. However, this has lead to a generation of sedentary children who would rather sit inside and watch tv all day then engage in fun active activities. Since children are not receiving the proper amount of physical activity at home we must ensure they get it somehow. This is where schools come in. Schools have the ability to make the biggest impact as students spend the majority of their time in school. 
  3. With children not getting physical activity at home, we must encourage it at schools in Physical education (or gym) class. Phys-ed is about more then just playing games, its about getting children involved in physical activity as it is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Physical educators need to be present while creating curriculum. 
  4. We Need More Physical Education in Schools
  5. Physical Education Campaign
  6. The benefits of Physical activity are endless! Science has shown that when young people increase their daily physical activity, they decrease their chances of developing many diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes and are generally healthier and happier. It is impossible to cover every single benefit of physical activity but they range everywhere from physical benefits, to social benefits to physiological benefits. 
  7. Students want more, parents want more, doctors and health educators have showed us the benefits, what are we waiting for?!
  8. Physical activity and sport can provide students with much more then just a healthy activity. It can help students build lifelong skills such as confidence, teamwork and self worth! 
  9. Its time to bring daily physical activity back to our schools. The benefits are endless and the problem of childhood obesity quickly turning into a crisis, now is the time for action!
  10. ^^ The US center for disease control and prevention: about 17% of children under 19 are obese..17%!! This only includes those classified as obese (35% or higher BMI), not those who were classified as overweight. The problem of childhood obesity is as prevalent as ever and something must be done.
  11. The benefits of physical activity are endless and results have shown students and young people are not getting the required amount they need to live a healthy lifestyle. Its time for the schools to step in in order to solve this growing crisis.