James Carter

Oppo researcher; political junkie; news sponge; policy wonk; President of Carter Research, LLC and a recurring character in 47% of Mitt Romney's nightmares.

Android Wärmebildkamera

ICOdata bietet Produkte und Lösungen aus den Bereichen Wärmebildkamera, Gaskamera, Infrarotkamera mit ATEX Zertifizierung, Online Infrarotkameras, Blower Door, Gasmessgeräte, tragbare PID-Gaswarngeräte für die Messung von VOC (flüchtige organische Verbindungen), Temperaturmessung, Elektrolumineszenz in Photovoltaik-Anlagen, Kennlinienmessung von PV-Systemen, Feuchte- und U-Wert Messgeräte, Anemometer, Volumenmessung, Raumluftqualität, Multifunktionsgeräte, Schallpegelmessung, Datalogger, Druckmessung, Apple Messsonden und weiteres mehr.


Media geek. Journalist. Fan of @TheAtlantic, @NYTimes, @NYMag, @Vulture, @LordeMusic and many, many, many others. I get a little ridiculous sometimes.

Tessa Cheek

likes a well-made building, loves a well-told story, @COindependent

Jonathan Ng

@HuffingtonPost writer. Contributor for @Yahoo news and @USAToday

Jesse Lansner

Web developer. Open water swimmer. Podcast listener. A quaffer who thinks of a drink as a drink.

Gustavo E. Díaz

History B.A. - 2012 · New Media Journalism M.A.(c)

Liam Hoare

Freelance writer (@jdforward; @TheAtlantic; @TheTowerDotOrg). Tweeting about #Israel, Jewish interests, #Europe, and football. @AVFCOfficial supporter.

Sissi Jingzhou Fan

Public relations grad student @Newhouse who is interested in hospitality PR. Love life, love food and wine, love photography.

Amanda Sims

@ColumbiaChi journalism grad | @TOCKids freelance writer | Jayhawks, dogs, politics, particle physics

Noah Chestnut

Digital Media @ Hamilton Place Strategies. Tweets = 40% digital media, 30% sports, 20% music, 10% _____.

Joseph DiDomizio

Multimedia Arts & Culture Journalist; Buffalonian; Musiconian. Arts Journalism grad student @NewhouseSU

Sam Schlinkert

Deputy social media editor & reporter at @Newsweek & @TheDailyBeast. Educated at Duke, made in Brooklyn.