Odessa, TX - Research and Exploration

Andrew (@keyboardonfire) and I headed out to Odessa, TX, to do some research for a documentary project and shoot some b-roll.


  1. Odessa is where the book and movie Friday Night Lights takes place (and TV show, but that's based in a fictional town).
  2. It's a town based on oil and goes with the booms and busts. There are jackpumps EVERYWHERE.
  3. For whatever reason, University of Texas Permian Basin decided to build an exact replica of Stonehenge at 70% scale. Still pretty epic.
  4. There's no shortage of vast, open fields to film.
  5. With a declining oil boom, windy areas, and lots of space, wind farms are popping up.

  6. About 20 miles away is the slightly larger town of Midland.
  7. Our original hotel was in Midland, an Expedia bargain that would have put us 20 miles from where we needed to be all day. Luckily we were able to get out, but the hotel had this bizarrely awesome open space with a pool, gym, miniature golf course, pool table, and arcade.
  8. Apparently George W. Bush had a childhood home in Midland.
  9. With a delayed plane, our only option to get back into South Florida that night was to fly to West Palm Beach.