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Bots High - A Journey in High School Robotics

Bots High is a feature documentary that follows three high school robotics teams for the 2009-2010 school year. You can watch the film for free on October 6 - These are the stories of the teams (and robots) before the film takes place.


  1. Bots High Full Trailer - High School Robotics Documentary
  2. Ransom-Everglades

    Will, a student a Ransom-Everglades and "Chief Engineer" of the robotics team, builds robots so powerful they tend to burst into flames or self destruct. Sometimes they also destroy their opponent. Joined by teammates Alex and Tyler, their most famous robot is Fluffy and its predecessors.

  3. 2005 - 6th graders Will and Tyler compete in their first BotsIQ competition at University of Miami.

  4. Taking on the Seniors
    Taking on the Seniors
  5. "My first match was at a BotsIQ competition - held at UM. We were so excited, we had this robot made out of a frying pan. We thought it was the best. We had drill motors and we were just so excited - we got there and all these high school students were standing around. They were like twice our size and we were like, " Oh God. We"re totally screwed."

    First match comes up we"re against a whole bunch of high school seniors who had spent just as long doing 15 lb. BattleBots but they were twice our size and we just totally freaked out. And as our luck would have it, we just won. Our weapon just kept on working, I guess.

    But it was interesting because it proved that age isn"t everything, that a kid who is six years younger than another could easily beat them at a competition." - Will

  6. Ransom robotics advisor Bob DuBard was also at this competition. (photo of DuBard, not at this competition!)

    "I was there--first time meeting Will. God, he looks so small in that photo! It was also MY first BattleBots competition. Ransom had one robot, a flipper called "X-Contamination," with 10 students on the team. We came in 2nd, and I became obsessed with Robotics."

  7. Danielle and Elizabeth wait for Battle
    Danielle and Elizabeth wait for Battle
  8. My Mechanical Romance

    With their combination of brains and beauty, Elizabeth and Danielle are a force to be reckoned with and stand out in a mostly guy world. Representing Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart and mentored by Marc DeVidts, My Mechanical Romance has been competing in the 120 lb. division since their junior year, first with Teenager and later with Famous Last Words.

  9. 2007 - Before they were My Mechanical Romance, Liz and Danielle were part of the four person team Cheap Trick. Freshman year they built their first task robot, Dinglehopper, and were introduced to the world of robotics.

  10. Danielle:

    "Freshmen year I worked on a task-oriented robot, with a team of four girls, all my age. That was pretty challenging because it was our first year. We went from knowing absolutely nothing about robotics, tools, engineering, electronics - absolutely nothing - to by the end of the year knowing exactly what we were doing and when our robot broke, we knew exactly what was wrong with it and exactly how...well maybe not exactly every single time, but we knew what we had to do to fix it. It"s not like we were completely lost anymore."
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