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Arlene Ackerman leaving Philadelphia School District

Word of Ackerman's departure spread quickly, as did the wit and the snark.


  1. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Sunday that Arlene Ackerman's removal appeared to be imminent. It wasn't long before "could be gone any day" became "gone."

    The Inquirer's Kristen Graham broke the story on Twitter just before 9 a.m. Monday:

  2. If you're new here or just catching up, Ackerman has taken a lot of heat in the city. Read past Inquirer stories about her, and an extensive Philadelphia Magazine profile of "Queen Arlene" from January 2010. The Notebook has a timeline of stories dating back to Ackerman's arrival in summer 2008. 

    Though it's important to note that Twitter is hardly an accurate cross-section of the city, the response online was mostly in celebration. Several of them even made the same joke:

  3. One user found another curious correlation:

  4. And there's the obligatory sports comparison:
  5. More substantively, several of her supporters jumped to her defense.

  6. Others who were rooting for her departure warned it won't be enough to create needed change.