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Our work in 2013

Here is a showcase of our all our international and UK projects in 2013. Our 'Recent projects' will launch in 2014.


  1. January

  2. New UK Young Ambassadors recruited 
    After a nationwide recruitment process, young people from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England and the UK have been selected to join the UK Young Ambassadors team. They will be the bridge between Europe decision makers and young people around the UK. Meet the Young Ambassadors here and follow all their work at @UKYA_Live and at,
  3. Which structures really change the world? 
    BYC launched , the new global hub for youth policy research, discussion and ideas. We asked five leading figures from the world of global activism, politics, NGOs and the UN for their perspective on 'Which structures really change the world?' You can join the discussion at  #YPDebate @youthpolicy @UKYA_Live and @bycLive.
  4. February 

  5. National consultation on social inclusion
    Over January and February 2013, the new UK Young Ambassadors led a nationwide consultation on social inclusion with over 700 young people on whether they felt included in their communities, which young people were most at risk of exclusion and whether youth work can support social inclusion.

    The survey revealing that while a most feel included in society, they face many barriers in being heard and making the most of local opportunities within their community. You can see full details on the consultation here and snazzy infographics here. The outcomes of the consultation fed in to a Europe wide consultation with young people as part of the EU’s Structured Dialogue on Youth.
  6. Mapping of global youth participation structures 

    As part of our curation of, BYC are mapping all the structures, spaces and places that young people around the world can get involved in to have their say on the issues that are important to them. The site is set to become the hub of international youth participation with information about the ways to participate globally, how young people can be involved in each project and outcome documents from 20 years of past youth events. 

  7. March

  8. What kind of world do you want to live in?
    BYC partnered with UNICEF UK to find out from young people in the UK what kind of world they want in the future. Over 600 young people discussed their vision, the current MDGs and what they thought should happen when the Millennium Development Goals expire in 2015. Young people made 7 recommendations to the UK government including better youth participation, completing the current MDGs and carrying over unfinished ones beyond 2015, tackling inequality and the creation of a universal development framework applying to all countries in the world. Below is a film highlighting young people's priorities and the final report is available here.
  9. What kind of world do you want to live in?
  10. Active Citizens in South Sudan
    Building on our previous work across the Middle East and North Africa, BYC launched the programme in the world's newest country, South Sudan. 30 young people were trained over 7 days exploring community development, conflict resolution, community activism and the role of active young people in society. The programme is hoped to grow across the country over the coming years.
  11. UK Young Ambassadors head to Ireland
    Between the 10th and 12th March 2013, Michael, Sophie and Zain represented UK youth and the European Youth Conference in Ireland as part of the Structured Dialogue on Youth. This event marked the beginning on a new phase with Ireland, Lithuania & Greece each hosting dialogues over the next 18 months focusing on social inclusion. You can read a summary blog and watch update videos here.

    Michael, Sophie and Zain took the UK’s recommendations from the social inclusion consultation and worked with young people from all other EU countries to agree final recommendations. These will be sent to the EU Parliament, Member states, and wider policy makers at the European Union.  You can also read the full recommendations from the EU Youth Conference here. 
  12. Study visits from The Maldives & Libya
    BYC hosted 30 young people and youth leaders from The Maldives and Libya for a week on exploration on different models and structures of youth participation, activism and community development. The two groups met local youth councils, national organisations, MPs, community groups, campaigning organisations as well as visiting the Houses of Parliament and attending Commonwealth Day celebrations. 
  13. April

  14. The UKYAs visit the European Parliament
    The UK Young Ambassadors went to Brussels to learn about the European Parliament, meet the Flemish Young Ambassadors, plan their campaign and present the outcomes of their consultation to the National Working Group at the British Council in London. 
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  16. Youth policy symposium in Mexico

    The latest youth policy symposia took place in Leon, Mexico with 50 youth-led organisations, movements, professionals and activists critiquing the current state of youth participation across the region and working together to outline solutions for bettering the involvement of young people in decision making. The event worked towards mapping current practice, crowd sourcing common barriers and then consider the use, value and application of existing models of participation and current practice across the region. Find out more at and see the summary Storify.

  17. Francesca attends the Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting 

    The British Youth Council was supported by the British Council to send the UK representative to the Eighth Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting in Papua New Guinea this year.

    Francesca Danmole, who was elected to the British Youth Council board two years ago, was at the youth minister summit when the Commonwealth has announced a groundbreaking development with its endorsement of a Commonwealth Youth Council - to be governed by youth representatives - similar to the BYC model. This will encourage further development of formal youth participation structures within Commonwealth countries in America, the Caribbean, the Pacific and the Africa region (including the UK)  where BYC has observed some much closer and more supportive relationships between national youth councils and Youth Ministers than in the UK. See the full article here.

  18. International newsletter
    The latest edition of the BYC International newsletter recaps on a busy 3 months for the team with an event in Mexico, training in South Sudan, consultations in the UK, and study visits by youth leaders from The Maldives and Libya. Also read more about the team’s mission and approach to working on youth participation around the world to put young people are the heart of the development of their communities, countries and region.