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Global youth representation

The British Youth Council provides a platform for UK youth to be represented internationally on the issues that matter to them.


  1. We believe that young people should have a say on the decisions that affect them and the issues they care about. Many of these issues are either global in nature, such as poverty and climate change, directly affected by global events, such as the financial crash, or dealt with at international forums such as the European Union or G8/G20.

  2. UK Young Ambassadors

    The Young Ambassadors are a team of 6 elected young people aged 16-25 from the British Youth Council, Funky Dragon, Northern Ireland Youth Forum, Scottish Youth Parliament and the UK Youth Parliament. Meet them here!

  3. They represent UK youth at international forums and events ensuring the voices of young people are heard through democratically elected youth representatives. Before major events, the Young Ambassadors run large consultations throughout the UK and online.

    For more information take a look at the UK Young Ambassador website, follow on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr

  4. Europe

    For a snapshot guide to Europe, take a look at our beginner's guide:
  5. European Youth Forum

    BYC holds the UK seat on the European Youth Forum where we meet with national youth councils and international youth organisations across Europe. Chris Neal and Nikita Harkin are the UK representatives to the European Youth Forum. All papers, minutes, agendas and opportunities are available in the International library.

  6. The European Youth Forum runs a range of other events such as training, conferences, workshops and seminars on key youth issues often in partnership with the Council of Europe, European Presidencies, European Commission and the United Nations

  7. Commonwealth

    Not sure what this is? Take a look at our beginner's guide:
  8. The Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF) takes place every two years before the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. It provides young Commonwealth citizens with the opportunity to discuss issues, share their experiences, build consensus and identify best practices. Delegates from all Commonwealth nations attend the event and a final communiqué document is produced and presented to Heads of Government.

    The Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) is an pan-regional youth platform made up on representatives from national youth councils from the 53 members of the Commonwealth of Nations. The CYC represents 1.2 billion young people from across Commonwealth countries and is supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

    Ben Mallon and Lola Mustapha are the UK representatives to the Commonwealth Youth Forum. 

  9. A new voice for Commonwealth youth?
  10. Youth delegates

    A youth delegate is a young person that is given formal negotiator accreditation as part of the UK delegation at international summits such as the G8/G20 and the United Nations. BYC recently supported young people to attend the Y20 summit in Mexico ahead of the G20 and facilitated UK youth involvement with Rio+20.  Take a read of the Y20 summary below.

  11. Youth delegates are the voice of young people and can play an unprecedented role in influencing a country’s official position and can be inspiring and motivating for young people while helping to translate complicated policy language into something accessible and relevant to people’s daily lives. BYC continues to lobby Government departments and Ministers for an official youth delegates programme in the UK similar to other countries. 
  12. BBC+

    BYC is a member of the ‘BBC+’ group (Benelux Bodensee Cooperation Plus) which is a grouping of the national youth councils of Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 

  13. For more information contact the International team on