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In today's piece we will delve into the world of Instagram likes and how users can increase the amount of likes they receive...


  1. With over 700 million people currently using Instagram you think it’d be easy to get likes and increase your following, however due to the sheer amount of competition in every niche it can be extremely difficult to achieve this successfully. One option is to buy likes, however if you want to go down a more organic and natural route then we suggest the following tips. If you do want to buy Instagram likes then head over to:
  2. 1) Images are king: This may seem like a blatantly obvious thing to say, but you’d be surprised how many Instagram users forget this extremely important fact. You cannot just post an image and that’s that - you need to put thought, planning and an element of psychology into them. You must get into the mind of your followers and potential followers - what do they like? What do they want? Put yourself in their shoes. There are two main types of image, a photo or an image that has been designed. If posting the former then choice of filter will certainly make a difference. From the latest research it appears that the Mayfair filter is the most effective, so perhaps try that out next time you post a photo. If posting design images then keep them clean and crisp, and include some information in the caption. If you do all of the above then you’ll certainly get more likes.

    2) Calls to action: You’ve heard the old saying ‘If you want something, ask for it’, well this is true on social media too. Research carried out on Twitter last years showed that a tweet was retweeted more when the poster asked for it to be retweeted. This can be carried over to any social media platform, including Instagram, therefore be sure to ask for likes, reposts and the like in the caption. In addition, using hashtags will also help to improve your like count, and from research it appears that 11 or more hashtags will result in more likes than less than 11. Don’t use more than 15 as this will come across like spam and that’s the last thing you want!

    3) Post scheduling: When you post your content will have a big impact upon the amount of likes and other forms of interaction that you receive. From research carried out last year it appears that posts made between 10pm and 3am garner the most interaction. If you are unable to manually post content between these times then there are several bots that can be used for this purposes.

    4) Other social media platforms: Don’t just Instagram to promote your Instagram - promote it on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter too. The idea is to lead those that are interested in you and/or your niche (and who may follow you on other forms of social media) to your Instagram page, which will ultimately result in a greater amount of followers and likes.

    5) Use likes wisely: Don’t be afraid to like other people’s content - even if they are in the same niche as you. Liking other content will always lead to receiving more likes and followers yourself, so you’d be a fool not to utilise this tactic. One person tested this theory, and for every 100 likes he received 20 likes back and 6 follows. Don’t overdo it of course, but don't be afraid to spend half an hour liking photos.

    Don’t forget, if you want to buy Instagram likes then head over to the website linked above.

    Thanks for taking the time to read our article - we hope you found it insightful.