Best Router Modem Combo

In today's article we delve into the world of Router Modem Combos - and which is the best...


  1. Best Cable Modem Router Combo
  2. When it comes to choosing a cable modem/router combo there are both many choices and many things that must be taken into account. With so many brands and models, and varying technologies, it can be extremely hard trying to decipher which device is best suited to your circumstances. In today’s article we will delve into which are the best cable modem/router combos in order to (hopefully) give you a helping hand when making a purchase. Don’t forget, there are many advantages to purchasing this type of device for your home (or work) network, so even if you’re a technophobe or are unsure whether or not this type of modem/router is for you then we’ll give you a helping hand! If you’d like even more information on which the best cable modem router combos are then we suggest heading over the following website:

  3. The Best Three Cable Modem/Router Combos (in our humble opinion!)…

    1) Netgear Nighthawk AC1900: If you’ve got your heart set on a modem/router combo, but require one that is capable of handling very fast internet speeds then we recommend this particular model. Although the modem on this model won’t deal with Gigabit speeds, it has a modem speed of a whopping 960Mbps, which isn’t far off! It is equipped with 24 (yes, 24) downstream channels in addition to 8 upstream channels. As you would expect, it also comes wth DOCSIS 3.0 technology. The router part of this model is where it really shines, with speeds of up to an eye-watering 1.9Gbps in addition to a 1.6GHz processor, you can be rest assured that you’re going to be able to get some serious performance from the this Netgear offering. Granted, it’s not cheap, but then again you’d never expect a model with such capabilities to be anything but pricey.

    2) ARRIS SURFboard SB6141: If your use of the internet is ‘heavy’, then a dual-band model may be the best option for you. Dual-band routers offer two connection speeds, so those that use the internet heavily won’t slow down other people using the same network. If you download a lot of large files, or stream a lot of HD or 4K movies then this would be a wise choice, and this where the ARRIS SB6141 slots nicely in. The modem portion of the model is capable of speeds of 300 + 300 Mbps within an impressive WiFi range. If connected to the N600 router then the model will offer a 2.4GHZ and 5GHz network, which means users can connect to whichever they feel best suits their current internet usage. This really is a super all-round modem/router combo, and one that can be used at home or at work.
  4. 3) Actiontec GT784WN: This model is absolutely perfect for those on a budget. If you’ve got $100 or less to spend then you will certainly want to consider this offering from Actiontec. Although it is a very basic model, and is designed for DSL rather than cable internet connections, it is a solid modem/router combo for home use and mainly surfing the web, checking emails and doing light internet tasks of that nature. The modem portion is an ADSL 2/2+ type, with the router part allowing for speeds up to 300Mbps (single band). Although this doesn’t fit into the realm of cable modem/router territory explicitly, it certainly is worth mentioning for those that require an inexpensive option for light internet usage.

    So there you have it - a little insight into what we think are the best cable modem router combos currently available. There are of course many, many more models, and to find out lots more information about them, please head over to the website linked at the start of the article. Thanks!