How we spread the word about the new Storify bookmarklet

Here's some of what people said and how we got the word out


  1. The new Storify bookmarklet lets you grab media from Pinterest, Reddit and more from Facebook. We wanted to get the word out to some of our best users, so I went ahead and emailed them directly.
  2. One of the people I got in touch with was Liz Heron, who heads reader engagement at the Wall Street Journal and whom I've known since she was earlier at The New York Times. During the Olympics, the Journal has been creating Storify stories every day on the social aspect of the events.

    While I didn't say the bookmarklet news was yet public, Liz went ahead and spread the word:
  3. And given how many followers she has, that clearly had a lot of impact and got many more re-Tweets from people who follow Liz:
  4. (That last one is by Jeff from Storify ourself, so perhaps that's cheating!)
  5. Either way, we're glad people were eager to have the new bookmarklet and still would love to hear their feedback and what can be improved. We're always open to your suggestions and comments, so please get in touch!
  6. And thanks again Liz for spreading the word.