Tweets from investor Ken Lerer about media

Ken Lerer has tweeted only 32 times, despite being one of the more prolific media-focused investors and co-founder of The Huffington Post


  1. Ironically for one of the more prolific investors in media and social media, Ken Lerer has only tweeted less than three dozen times. Yet it appears Marc Andreesen's recent burst of tweets has inspired him to send out a few 140-character missives.
  2. (I was alerted to Lerer's renewed found tweetability by the @MagicRecs account on Twitter as he suddenly picked up some more followers.)
  3. Lerer's first tweet was a link to Andreesen's post:
  4. Followed a few hours later by an apparent burst of inspiration ...
  5. And here's what the co-founder of The Huffington Post has to say:
  6. (no mention here that Thrillist is founded by his son Ben, but I guess he assumes people know that already? I can't say that Thrillist is often mentioned as an example of a new media pioneer in future of media circles as far as I've seen)