Talking to Storify users this week

Here are some brief exchanges I had on Twitter with Storify users and others


  1. First, users asked about some features that I'd love to see, but we do have ways to make this work.
  2. The IFTTT integration does some nice things, although not as many users know about this as should:
  3. Comments like these happen every once in a while:
  4. As I usually try and point out, we are just the platform and it's up to users to write compelling stories. (Xavier would say that "we're the typewriter")
  5. It's nice to have users dream about using us:
  6. But better to actually get them on board:
  7. One of our best users is a great advocate for Storify:
  8. This user is eager to see us develop mobile apps more quickly:
  9. And I'm equally eager!
  10. And lastly, the shooting was an amazing testament this week to the power of Storify to cover the tragedy in Colorade: