1. It’s time to start a new chapter: my co-founder Xavier Damman and I are moving on from Storify.
  2. We leave immensely proud of what we have accomplished and with deep gratitude for the many users who told stories with Storify in ways we never imagined.
  3. Storify has always stood for more than just a product, but the idea that chaotic streams of social media could be tamed to create something deeper, and maybe even inspiring: a story. Since 2010, Storify users have published more than 5 million stories and as always, we’re still looking forward to many more of your stories for years to come.
  4. In the New York Times. They found a way to make me buy the dead tree version.
    In the New York Times. They found a way to make me buy the dead tree version.
  5. Storify was our first Silicon Valley startup. We made more than our share of mistakes, but we feel we did a few things right too. We are thankful for the help of kind colleagues, advisors and investors who were part of our journey, and are humbled by the many accolades Storify received for media innovation.
  6. Storify Wins Accelerator
    Storify Wins Accelerator
  7. SXSW 2012 Social Media Award: Storify
  8. We are fortunate to be leaving Storify in the good hands of our original team members who carry on the flame: Product Manager Bo Hee Kim, Lead Engineer Philippe Modard, Community Manager Skyler Rogers and Engineer Devon Govett along with newer Engineer Max Malin.
  9. Regarding what’s next for us, Xavier is expanding on the principle from Storify that “anyone can be a reporter,” and wants to empower anyone to be a whistleblower with his open source project Tipbox that just won a Knight Foundation grant. Meanwhile, he’s giving back to his fellow Belgians with the Belgian Startup Manifesto, and also exploring other ways to empower people to collaborate.
  10. As for me, I have also been busy on a couple of new and exciting projects! First off, after nine months in a very exclusive incubator, our first child, Eli, made his public launch last week thanks to much more effort from my co-founder and wife Liz. We are still iterating on key features like eating, sleeping and other bodily functions. I’m sure this product has unlimited potential.
  11. In addition, as many of you know I founded the Hacks/Hackers organization for journalists and technologists before Storify, and I’ve been inspired by what happens when you unite people around a cause. Creating better tools for mobilizing movements is something I’m very passionate about -- stay tuned for more on this soon. Meanwhile, Hacks/Hackers is also set for some exciting developments in collaboration with top technology brands.
  12. Please feel free to reach us on Twitter at @burtherman and @xdamman, or personal email via those same usernames on Gmail.
  13. How Social Media is Changing the News: Xavier Damman at TEDxBrussels