Hacks/Hackers reaches 10k members: Tell us your story

The global movement bringing together journalists and technologists is now active on four continents. Share your stories about what you've learned with the hashtag #10kHacksHackers to be included here.

  1. We're now 10,000 members strong & growing!  http://j.mp/JfcKw8 ow has @HaHacksHackerselped you? Tell us w/hashtag #1010kHacksHackers
  2. Ey @MacDiva! @HacksHackersBA has changed our lives 10K members arround the world. +600 at Buenos Aires #10kHacksHackers cc @HacksHackers
  3. h/h showed i'm not the only one thinking this is a good idea & gave inspiration for creating  http://collid.es vienna #10kH10kHacksHackers
  4. #10kHacksHackers! @HacksHackers helped me realize that the news tech is a place I'd like to be & factored into me joining @documentcloud.
  5. Going around world hosting potlucks w/strangers & telling stories @  http://openfeast.org  - inspiration/envy of #10kHacksHackers was crucial!
  6. h/h brought me into a great community of brilliant people! #10kHacksHackers
  7. I helped establish @HacksHackersLDN, learnt lots through it and made friends when I moved to NYC #10kHacksHackers
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