Hacks/Hackers launches Connect series in Berlin

Around 100 journalists and technologists passionate about the future of media joined the weekend event in the German capital


  1. We kicked off Hacks/Hackers' first-ever global event series with a packed room of more than 100 participants at the Berlin Factory, bringing together members of the grassroots movement along with entrepreneurs, journalists and developers passionate about the intersection of media and technology.
  2. The event took place steps away from the former Berlin Wall in the once-divided city, an especially fitting location because Hacks/Hackers is all about tearing down walls between journalism and technology. Through building respect between storytellers and developers, we aim to create a sustainable future for journalism to continue its essential watchdog role for society, whatever form that may take.
  3. Over one and a half days, attendees at the event had the chance to collaborate, network and discuss the opportunities and challenges facing media.
  4. The centerpiece of the event was a design-thinking experience giving everyone a chance to meaningfully connect with each other, hopefully finding potential collaborators for future projects.
  5. Listening to "speed geeking" pitches at Hacks/Hackers Connect
  6. Off to a buzzing start at Factory Berlin #designthinking #innovation #hhcxn #hackshackers #googlenewslab
  7. Hacks/Hackers ist nicht einfach nur reden, hier wird heute geschafft! #HHCXN
    Hacks/Hackers ist nicht einfach nur reden, hier wird heute geschafft! #HHCXN
  8. Translation: "Hacks/Hackers isn't just for speaking, today we're getting things done here!"
  9. We also took some time out from the prototyping to hear from Rob Wijnberg, founder of the Netherlands' De Correspondent news site that raised more than 1 million euros for their project, a journalism crowdfunding record:
  10. De Correspondent founder Rob Wijnberg
  11. Earlier, Dirk Herzbach, CEO of Next Media Accelerator, gave some quick entrepreneurial lessons from his startup experience. The accelerator is accepting applications for their first-ever class:
  12. At the start of the event, I spoke with Anita Zielina from Switzerland's Neue Zürcher Zeitung about why we're doing this: giving people from Hacks/Hackers and beyond an opportunity to connect on a deeper level than can happen at a usual evening meetup. We also discussed some lessons from building Storify:
  13. Our event producer Phillip Smith (and Hacks/Hackers firestarter in Canada) did a wonderful job herding cats on and off the Internet to keep things fun and moving, and we amazingly ran ahead of schedule: