Hacks/Hackers Connect comes to San Francisco

The media and technology movement staged our first Connect event in North America, bringing together teams for an intensive startup experience


  1. In the city where the movement began, Hacks/Hackers launched 2016 with its first "Connect" media entrepreneurship event in San Francisco.
  2. Over one and a half days, more than 100 participants sharing a passion for the future for media discussed the potential opportunities, networked and saw demos from companies big and small.
  3. The event kicked off with an evening networking event and demo fair, with Google showing off the Cardboard VR viewer and talking about new mobile-friendly article formats, along with media company Buzzfeed sharing projects from its innovation lab in San Francisco. Smaller startups and projects like Beacon and Verified Pixel sharing their work.
  4. Before kicking off work on their own ideas, participants got a quick introduction to the "lean canvas," a tool to help new companies figure out winning strategies, with a talk by "Lean Startup Playbook" author Dan Olsen.
  5. Industry experts who served as mentors also spoke in smaller workshops about their own journey, like Corey Ford from media accelerator Matter talking about their design-focused philosophy:
  6. Then the participants separated into small teams for the rest of the day, with the goal of meeting potential co-founders and learning small-team collaboration skills through working together on a lean business model canvas of their potential ventures:
  7. The day wrapped up with Ceci Mourkogiannis, founder and CEO of Metta VR, talking about her journey still very much in progress. Her virtual reality startup actually began life as an annotated commenting platform, part of her "drunken walk" as an entrepreneur:
  8. The next Hacks/Hackers Connect events are coming soon to London and New York - we look forward to seeing you there!