Elections 2012: Storify presentation for ONA conference

At a panel for the Online News Association this month, I talked about this year's election in the United States and the implications for journalism and social media.


  1. This election is the most social ever. That is already affecting how news spreads, how journalists and others react, and how stories are told.
  2. It's not just regular people, or the so-called social media experts. The campaigns are aggressively establishing their presence on many social networks, and pushing forward with experiments to spread their message.
  3. Here are Pinterest accounts for Michelle Obama and Ann Romney, for example:
  4. Even on Reddit, normally a playground of hard-core geeks, Obama engaged in a bit of counter-programming to the Republican National Convention and answered questions on the community forum site:
  5. Storify aims to help journalists and anyone who wants to tell stories with social media bring together content from anywhere. Here's a story about Obama's Reddit appearance put together by Ivan Lajara of Digital First Media:
  6. You can be where the campaigns are with Storify, using our bookmarklet or Chrome plugin to curate from Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere.
  7. Here's a short tutorial story on how to do that:
  8. The campaigns themselves are also on Storify, where they are bringing together what their candidates and staffs are doing on social media to tell their story. Here's Obama's page, and here is the Romney campaign.
  9. For example, the Obama campaign uses Storify to curate and publish what supporters are doing: