Collab/Space 2012: Journalists Working Together

Leaders from public media and investigative reporting gathered to talk about working together.


  1. The session was kicked off by journalism legend Lowell Bergman, who has been working to collaborate across media organizations for much of his storied career.
  2. Many of the audience members are from non-profit media, which traditionally has worked in partnerships with others 
  3. But the benefits of collaboration outweigh the risks and is something that all news organizations should embrace, Bergman argued.
  4. There are also serious legal reasons to collaborate when stories touch on sensitive issues that could provoke legal action:
  5. Mark Glaser of PBS Mediawatch has launched a new site around collaboration to help spread the word and foster people to share stories and fund ways to work together.
  6. Collaboration also needs to be sustainable, Emily Harris of the Journalism Accelerator pointed out:
  7. Next up: me!