weelearning 6

weeLearning 6 was all about video in learning, here's what people were saying about it

  1. The debate around video in learning shouldn't be about whether it's good or bad quality, it should be whether it's appropriate #weeLearning
  2. RT @kategraham23: Interestingly, a lot of the videos from Khan Academy, Stanford etc are basic and low tech. Focus is on content not pro ...
  3. Next up @weelearning is a chap from Annotag Now who are involved in recording the sessions at Learning Technologies cc @LT13uk #weeLearning
  4. I've watched countless Learning Technologies videos but never given any thought to how they're produced, tagged etc. #weeLearning
  5. These meta tags don't just search video titles but also to specific points in videos where key words are mentioned. Powerful #weeLearning
  6. Innotag system for tagging video looks incredibly powerful. In video search. Tied to ppt too. Brilliant cc @weelearning
  7. Sending viewers to specific points means can watch bits they need and skip bits they don't. Ideal if vids are an hour long! #weeLearning
  8. Good point that turn around times are key. Videos need to live and accessible immediately after an event or they lose currency #weeLearning
  9. Demo of an event video which has live Twitter feed from event hash tag as part of the video. These become part of meta data #weeLearning
  10. Clever stuff. Stores twitter feed for posterity, helps search videos afterwards and combines live broadcast and social media #weeLearning
  11. Next step is voice to text. Converting what presenters say, storing it as text and adding further richness to tagging #weeLearning
  12. Also converting what a presenter says automatically into foreign languages. Too clever by half! #weeLearning
  13. It's not often these days I come to things and am seriously impressed by a tech demo. But I am. Seriously impressed @annotag #weeLearning
  14. It's not *that* often I get so excited by learning tech that I can't sleep, but it's 6am and been imagineering for an hour... #weelearning