Think Big

The first weeLearning of 2013 was big on ideas, here's what you missed...

  1. The US Girl Guides are now using Open Badges. Love the idea of having my Brownie badges displayed somewhere :) #weelearning
  2. Opportunity to mix "workplace" badges with the individual also earning their own badge based on their own interest... #weelearning
  3. How do we ensure that badges have value? They contain metadata that can point to evidence of your work, validating the badge #weelearning
  4. Junaio location based ar app shows where and what people tweeted or instagramed and more #weelearning
  5. Quote of evening thus far: augmented reality apps like Layar are 'knocking QR codes into a cocked hat'. Courtesy of @danroddy #weelearning
  6. Mind currently being blown by some of this augmented reality stuff that @AndyNock83 is showing us #weelearning
  7. Maybe, just maybe, augmented reality could allow us to explore hardware whilst learning, allowing you to "get under the skin" #weelearning
  8. I can see opportunities for my colleagues to informally walk up to new hardware, "scan it" and get sales info/tech info #weelearning
  9. Layar creator makes it fairly easy to create your own augmented reality publication or poster #weelearning
  10. @kategraham23 At 15 euro per page its a bit expensive! any idea what the free "ad supported" version does? #layar #weelearning
  11. This month's #weelearning long distance award goes to @paulservice who came from Chichester to Bristol! Thanks Paul
  12. May use augmented reality AR during a sharps removal awareness course taking place inside a simulated drugs den #weelearning @goochgroupltd
  13. For those at #weelearning last week here is the #augmentedreality Mars lander 3D app: com/us/app/spacecraft-3d/id541089908?mt=8 - tweet your best pics!