cheap car and insurance

cheap car and insurancecheap car and insurance


  1. cheap car and insurance
  2. cheap car and insurance
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies: 
  5. How do I go about getting car insurance in another state?
  6. I live in new york, i want to get car insurance in another state like maryland or delaware, i have friends in each state. What do i need to get car insurance there? Please help me...lots of details please...thank you"
  7. Life Insurance Question?
  8. She had retired from the job. The department was called Trade and Commerce and the department no longer exist.
  9. Will my Geico go up after 6 months?
  10. My Geico is only $62.84 monthly. I have the 6 month plan. I had Allstate before switching to Geico last month. I switched because every 6 months Allstate would go up by $25. I could NOT afford it! So I switched to Geico because it was $125 cheaper monthly. Everyone I've talked to said theres hasnt went up after 6 months. I have no criminal record, no tickets, no felonys no nothing, etc. So I was wondering for all you Geico customers, has Geico been good? Has it went up after 6 months? No arrogant answers, please!"
  11. I just found out i'm pregnant with no insurance?
  12. I just found out I'm pregnant and don't have insurance. I live in California near the Los Angeles/ Orange County line. I am trying to find out if there are any free/low cost clinics I can go to to get checked out? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Wife is pregnant and we have no insurance?
  14. Hi everyone. Just found out last night that the wife's 7 weeks pregnant (yay!) but we don't have health insurance (boo!). I live in California and was told there is something called Medi-Cal (?) that helps people who are low-income and don't have health insurance in their pregnancy needs but I don't know if I qualify. My gross monthly income is $3000. Also, if I don't qualify I heard there is a low cost insurance called AIM? Anybody who's ever had dealings with Medi-cal or AIM your pointers and experience will be muchly appreciated!! Thanks! Excited but scared of becoming a daddy!! AHHHH!!!"
  15. How to stop the direct debit car insurance and switch to another?
  16. If I switch, can I still keep my no claim bonus.. 8 yrs.. "
  17. Can I drive my uncle car but im under my grandmothers insurance?
  18. I am under my grandmothers insurance and my uncle let me borrow one of his cars for a month. the car is under his insurance. if i was to get pulled over would i get into trouble for driving his car. all of his insurance information is in the car and his registration. and will i need to bring proof of me under my grandmothers insurance?
  19. How much would car insurance cost for me if I got a car?
  20. I'm 22 years old and have been driving since I was 18. Never got pulled over, a ticket, or in any accidents since I've been driving. Been on my moms insurance since then but I'm looking into getting my own used car and just curious as to how much it would cost for someone like me."
  21. Best SUV car for cost and insurance on teenage driver?
  22. Best SUV car for cost and insurance on teenage driver?
  23. Will my car insurance be invalidated?
  24. Phoned my car insurance company today to report a minor bump. The guy asked if I had any points on my license and I told him that yes I have 3 points for speeding. He said that they had no record of this. I don't know why they have no record of this but that's not really the point. Will they try to claim that my insurance is invalid? If they do try this will I be able to claim a refund as I will have been paying them money for literally nothing for the past four years?
  25. If my child gets hurt on my backyard trampoline - will my/his health insurance cover his injuries?