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Carl Paladino Calls Sandy Beach, Defends Joe Mascia

It was really really ugly.


  1. For a little background, check this story and this story in the Public. Also, this article in the Buffalo News. Carl Paladino stuck his neck out Wednesday to defend Joe Mascia, who was recently caught on tape referring to black civic leaders as "nigger".
  2. Here was Paladino's first "point":
  3. But Paladino had to make sure to inject his own pet issues into the discussion.
  4. Paladino then accused the person who taped Mascia of being a "drug addict". Where did that information come from? Isn't that potentially defamatory?
  5. Then, the apologia for Mascia, and more irrelevant Paladino pet peeves:
  6. Paladino then tried to pivot away from Mascia and say, "what about [all of these other people whom I don't like and have done things I detest?]" To call it irrelevant is an understatement.
  7. Complete tone-deafness. Mascia isn't being prejudged - it's post-judged here. We heard the tape. It's not "political correctness" to condemn and detest the repeated use of racial epithets. Carl blames "liberals" and basically called Mascia a moron who doesn't know any better.
  8. Paladino pivots back to his original point, that Italians who grew up in Buffalo just sort of talk like this .
  9. Then, this amazing leap of logic:
  10. To his credit, Sandy Beach was having none of this. He called it what it was.
  11. Paladino hung up, sounding somewhat defeated. The call itself was eye-opening. It was an event.