Local Food Investment Webinar - National Good Food Network

A webinar hosted by @ngfn on innovative ways to fund your local food enterprise. More information at the National Good Food Network here: http://bit.ly/y7TKRg


  1. You can see the FULL webinar video here now too:
  2. Cutting Edge Ways to Fund Your Food Business - an NGFN webinar
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  4. Panelist & speaker Michael Shuman is introduced to the webinar audience of around 80 people from around the country (and world in Bucky Box's case!)
  5. Information from NGFN:
    Drawing from his new book, “Local Dollars, Local Sense:  How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street,” Michael Shuman will explain a dozen, low-cost strategies local businesses are using to secure new capital from the general public.  He will talk about specialized bank CD programs, prepurchase deals, new-generation cooperatives, internet sponsorship sites (like Kickstarter), P2P lenders (like Prosper and Kiva), community lending circles, investment clubs, municipal bond schemes, local revolving loan funds, direct public offerings, and local stock exchanges.  He also will report on the latest news of a crowdfunding reform bill – sponsored by Tea-Party Republicans but endorsed by the Obama Administration – that is working its way through Congress and could literally make trillions of dollars of new capital available to local business.
  6. The Local Food investment tips start rolling in from Michael Shuman....
  7. Cooperatives take up the next 5 minutes or so - seem like quite the possibilities in this space.